Thursday, December 13, 2012

A thing called past:

Every single passing day adds to the list of the compendium which we call the ‘past’. This single word is often called to refer to something which hasn’t been pleasing for one. It is a word which refers to the time which has elapsed but search for its meaning in the dictionary and you would come across an explanation which says it refers to a period which a person intends to keep secret. Instead it is merely a time which has passed. Ask someone about his past and he frowns upon the subject assuming we intend to know about something backpacked and thrown at some corner of grey matter occupying his head. We need not intend to probe about the dark spells of his life but the word brings to him some dreaded memories. Why is it so? Is it merely the constant use of the word to relate to things gone wrong in the passed days that makes it a horrific reference? Everyone believes that what they did in the past could be improved upon in the time to come but what we did in the past is really that wrong? While in present we do not necessarily weigh every situation and action for its correctness, sometimes we just do what we feel is the best at that time and which gives us the needed joy for the moment. We should take the onus to make sure what we do in the present wouldn’t be categorized into that bucket of unwanted memories called past. While we enjoy our life to the fullest and to the best we can today, we mustn’t forget that with every passing moment we keep adding pages to the book of life. Past is something we should be proud of; it is the best teacher and you keep picking lessons from your past which none else can provide you. We treasure materialistic things and often are ashamed of the things which went wrong in our past. Success or failure in education, career, relationships, and life shouldn’t be determined by whether you accomplished the purpose or not; instead it should be awarded on whether you tried or not. Past is often viewed with a token of disgrace and given the value it adds to our life, it deserves a bit more respect and consideration from us. Be proud of what you hold and let go the grudges for what you couldn’t.